Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

New @ printables: Steenbeen | Stone Leg


Steenbeen | Stone Leg 3/3



Steenbeen | Stone Leg is based on a photo I took of my son when on holiday in Spain. It was a warm day, we were a bit bored and playing around with the pebbles on the beach. When he was falling asleep I made this pattern on his leg.


Special for printables  Steenbeen | Stone Leg is printed on classic baryta photo paper and digital exposure which guarantees a top image quality. Plus, it has the most longevity of any photographic paper.


I colored the stones with painted acrylic paper. The colors are random, without a preconceived plan.


Steenbeen | Stone Leg is coming in 3 different color settings.


To see all different color settings, specified information and how to order, you go to printables