Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

Art Christmas Bauble @ De Kunstdames

3 & 4 DECEMBER 2021





On the initiative of De Kunstdames (The Art Ladies), 20 Groningen artists were asked to accept the challenge of creating a unique piece of art on the round shape of a Christmas bauble. With the art Christmas baubles, De Kunstdames want to take the public into the world of artists in an accessible way, and surprise and inspire them. Part of the proceeds will go to KIKA through Team Jalou.


The art Christmas bauble I made for this project shows a close up of a peony with – for this special occasion – dots of real gold leaf. The nice thing is that you can take the panel out of the bauble and hang it on the wall as an independent work.


The online presale has started.
Please see the page of De Kunstdames on Facebook and/or Instagram.
Prices between €50 – €250


There is a pop-up sales presentation on December 3 & 4 at
Gallery Richard ter Borg | Folkingestraat 33 | Groningen