Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

HENK @ Logman

23, 24 & 25 APRIL 2021



One year ago, we did the DELICATE exhibition together with Claire Harvey, Jorge Luis Barragán Castaño and Timothy Voges.


I miss him badly



On 10 March, Henk Logman passed away unexpectedly. The exhibition HENK is a tribute by artists and colleagues to Henk and his unconditional love of art.


The forty artists with whom Henk Logman (22 May 1963 – 10 March 2021) has worked intensively over the past two years will present their work in the LOGMAN gallery on 23, 24 and 25 April as a tribute to Henk. It will be a total installation with a wide variety of works of art. A bit raw and in motion, because when sold, the acquisitions will be packed and taken away on the spot.


Henk sincerely believed in the power of art. Art because it has to be! It was his driving force. He felt the need to offer artists a place to sell in Utrecht. In addition, it was his long-cherished dream to run a gallery. He could not imagine that there would be no art in his own and other people’s lives. LOGMAN fitted him like a glove.


In two years’ time, LOGMAN has developed into a dynamic art place where everyone is welcomed with open arms. Where artists were given the space to seek out experimentation, where art was allowed to rub off, where unexpected combinations of artists were brought together.
LOGMAN was stubborn and contemporary. The walls were white, black and sometimes pink with a golden edge. And Henk was creative. He was the creator of the very successful exhibition ‘Boven de Bank’, which he created together with Lydia van Oosten. This was a salon arrangement of very diverse works, from which visitors could choose to place above one of the four benches in the gallery. Or even better, for above their own sofa. And when the galleries had to close, he had in no time installed a wall in the gallery window with which he made weekly changing window displays. Henk did not think in terms of problems, but only in terms of challenges, which he gladly and creatively met. One last time LOGMAN, a final salute to Henk.


open: Friday – Sunday | 10:00 – 20:00


All works of art are for sale. When they are sold, a portion goes to a foundation to be established, which Henk was already working on, to promote young talented artists.


Due to the current measures concerning Covid, only 4 visitors are allowed in the gallery at the same time. Therefore you have to reserve a timeslot. This can be done on the website or via this link: book your timeslot on time! And be on time as well, because a timeslot is only valid for 30 minutes…


Logman | Nobelstraat 16 | Utrecht