Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist


Sequences investigates the combination of  collage with 4 colored squares.


This is the third series of Sequences in which I examine the differences through changing the magazine where I cut out the close-up collages.


In this series I worked with The Plant, A curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery,  Issue 9 – Geranium.


The colors of the squares are randomly picked from Haishoku Soukan – A dictionary of color combinations, originated by Sanzo Wada.


On the back of each piece I wrote the colors that I used. They have wonderful names like: Isabella color, cameo pink or light brown drab.


This series of Sequences – The Plant gave me 6 new surprises, but stil from the same family.


And now available for you!

Please contact me when you’re interested


±34,5×21 cm

collage and acrylic on old paper





Sequences – The Plant gave me One, two, three steps plant, a painting I made from one of the close-ups.


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