Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist


November 2015 I was invited to work for a month at Sím Residency in Reykjavik.


As always I looked for pictures to be found, trying to get grip of me staying there and looking for inspiration. So I went to see this huge pile of magazines I found in the living room left by former residents. When I was browsing through an old Vogue magazine, I stumbled upon these pages where somebody had torn pieces from. The remaining pages in the magazine had become collages themselves, waiting to be discovered.


I made photos of the pages still in the magazine.

These photos I showed at the exhibition at the end of the residency, along with the text you can read here.


Special for the printables I had these photos printed as ultraHD photo print on aluminium dibond, acrylic glass mounted. This proces  makes them very durable and guarantees a high quality.


28×21 cm

ready to hang

limited edition of 5 + 1 AP

signed and numbered at the back


Please contact me when you’re interested.








exhibition @Sìm Residency November 2015


”Often there was a story waiting for me in which the narrator was verifying something that perhaps without the story wasn’t true. As I walked into the darkness of the palace corridors, I intended to let wise men explain to me what the story exactly did: was the story true, or did it create the truth? Was there actually truth beyond the story?”


(Guus Kuijer | The Bible for unbelievers part 4: King David and the division of the empire)