Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist


For Whistle my name at sea I’ve selected natural or urban landscapes from the archive of my father. There are no people present. Sometimes a glimpse of a person or part of the thumb of the photographer is just visible at the edge of the photo. It is often unclear where or when the photos were taken, or why. Sometimes the digital enlargement reveals the answer: He, there’s a deer crossing the street! There, a small tornado on the horizon!

As a kind of answer I selected photos from my own archive to match every picture of my father’s. Maybe searching for similarities and differences, but above all to see if I recognize his way of looking as my own.

In this magazine both pictures are presented together as an illustration of an investigation.



Whistle my name at sea is available at Blurb where is was selected as Staff pick!
A beautiful and loving tribute. Nicely put together.



Or you can mail me and I will send you a copy as soon as possible


64 pag, full color, €15,00