Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

Rizoom Takeover @ Instagram

9 SEPTEMBER 2019 – 15 SEPTEMBER 2019



Following this take-over, a podcast was made in which Derk Müller interviews me about my work, the residences I have done and my work process.


You can now listen to the podcast HERE

(I’m sorry it’s in Dutch only)



I’m honored to takeover Rizoom in week 37. I’m gonna take you along my work, my inspiration and something about how I do it.

You’re very welcome to join the Rizoom account on Instagram and walk along!


Rizoom* is an open and experimental platform on Instagram for all kinds of artists in the Netherlands.  It is an attempt to create new connections between all kinds of artists and between these artists and their audience(s). It can be seen as a virtual pop up exhibition space, or a digital white cube.


“Originally, a rhizome is a biological term for rhizome, such as bamboo or dandelion. Anyone with a dandelion in his grass knows that he will never lose that because underground all those flowers are connected to the same root. No matter what you pull out, it comes back again and again.”


*rizoom is the Dutch translation of rhizome.


Rizoom on Instagram