Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

Summer Salon 2.020 @ Arti et Amicitiae

1 SEPTEMBER 2020 – 28 OCTOBER 2020


On 14 October I’ll be hostess at the exhibition, so if you’re in the neighborhood, drop by!


Due to the stricter measures concerning covid, I will not be present on 14 October as hostess. I hope to see you back in good health soon!


The exhibition can still be visited. Just to be sure, please contact 020- 6245134.



my contribution to the Salon 2.020: Blauer Garten I




Welcome in the heart of Amsterdam for the exhibition ARTI 2.020!


ARTI 2.020 is the third summer salon in the society of artist association Arti et Amicitiae. For the exhibition Arti’s artist members have been inspired by the title ARTI 2.020, a reference to the next level; the freedom to show new visions, with perspective on other and better times. The numbers zero twenty of course refer to Amsterdam, a quirky city that offers a stage for many cultures. The exhibited works have a pleasant format and are for sale. An extra ‘summery’ reason to visit the beautiful society designed by H.P. Berlage.


open Monday – Friday | 12:00 – 17:00


for reservations:  020- 6245134


Arti et Amicitiae |  Rokin 112 | Amsterdam