Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist


New @ printables: Steenbeen | Stone Leg

“It was a warm day, we were a bit bored and playing around with the pebbles on the beach. When he was falling asleep I made this pattern on his leg….”

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Open Studios @ Biotopen

SUNDAY 21 MAY 2017

For the fourth time, De Biotoop – the creative fastcooker in Haren invites you at the annual open studios. Over 100  visual artists, artisans, designers and cultural innovators open their doors for one day to show the public their work.

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GK boek kaft buiten

Out now: #1 – the magazine

#1 is a magazine about selecting pictures, combining them, taking photographs, it’s a picture diary, crossing links and making them your own, it’s about telling you a story.

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