Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

New @ printables: the Itoshima painted prints

We finally managed to remade these prints in high quality and a cute size

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Interview: It is not finished yet: a meeting with artist collective LOOS

With their fourth exhibition Het is nog lang niet af | It’s not finished yet, artist collective LOOS, consisting of Kitty Boon (1959), Gabrielle Kroese (1963) and Dineke Oosting (1976), has been around for four years. Michiel Teeuw from interviewed the artists about how did LOOS come into being, how are colors chosen and what is Papiermolen the Annex?

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Salon 2018 @ Arti et Amicitiae

21 DECEMBER 2018 – 23 JANUARY 2019


Arti closes the year with the ultimate members exhibition.

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