Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

Zonder Titel @ Campis

20 NOVEMBER 2022 – 6 JANUARY 2023


25 artists born in Assen or its surroundings or currently living/working in Drenthe present themselves

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Grote Verkoopexpositie @ De Biotoop

10 NOVEMBER 2022 – 13 NOVEMBER 2022


The big sales exhibition in one of the huge basements of De Biotoop! Many of the 150 artists who work here participate.

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project Havenkwartier @ DeFKa Research

1 JULY 2022 – 3 JULY 2022


At the invitation of DeFKa, I collaborated on an art project that explores the new development of the Havenkwartier (Harbour district) in Assen and the possibilities it offers.

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