Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

I’m happy to hear you’re doing fine @ Staublau

24 JUNE 2017 – 6 AUGUST 2017


opening: Saturday 24 June | 15:00


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Staublau Guus9

LOOS: me, Kitty Boon and Dineke Oosting

(photo: Guus Slauerhoff)




In this exhibition I’m happy to hear you’re doing fine presents the artists collective LOOS smaller recent work. Through combining their collages, drawings, photos, paintings, mural objects and videos the interaction between their work and the collaboration between the artists becomes the subject of the exhibition.


LOOS are Kitty Boon, Dineke Oosting and me. We all live and work in or around the city of Groningen, Holland.


Special for this exhibition we made a magazine showing not only photo’s from our work, but also sources of inspiration and associations.

It’s available at Staublau or you can order your copy @printables



Staublau | Staugraben 9 | 26122 Oldenburg (Germany)

open: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 17:00