Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

Wintersalon @ Dagblad van het Noorden



“Gabrielle Kroese aims for us to look

more intensely and consciously”







Thanks Eric Bos for mentioning my work in the paper!


….”Gabrielle Kroese (Rotterdam, 1963) combines figurative landscapes, in this case cloudscapes, with abstract planes of color. When you look at them, something happens to you. You have to focus differently each time, on those color planes and then on the clouds, over and over again.


That is exactly what Gabrielle Kroese has in mind with her work, to make us look more intensely and consciously. We are naturally lazy viewers, just as there are many lazy artists. Looking at what there is to see, painting what something looks like. Nothing more. But with her work, a dynamic process emerges. She expresses her study of such phenomena in her work. What she aims at? Slow Watching. And that works.”