Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist


So, finally, here it is; the long waited for sequel of #1 The Magazine!


In #2 The Magazine you’ll find lots of pictures – many from my stay in Japan last year – images of work and other associative image stories.


#2 is a magazine about selecting pictures, combining them, taking photographs, it’s a picture diary, crossing links and making them your own, it’s about telling you a story.


#2 The Magazine has more of everything: more pictures, more pages, a larger edition and the best part: #2 The Magazine comes with a free A2 poster!


So here it is, the long waited for: #2




concept, design, editing: Gabrielle Kroese

printing: Netzodruk, Groningen

printing guidance: Peter Boersma


27×20 cm, soft cover

92 pages, full color, hand stitched

250 gr/m2 digigold ice white hvo

80 gr/m2 cyclus offset, recycled paper

limited edition: 20

numbered and signed


A2 poster, folded twice to A4

full color

70 gr/m2 cyclus offset, recycled paper



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