Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist


Steenbeen | Stone Leg is based on a photo I took of my son when on holiday in Spain. It was a warm day, we were a bit bored and playing around with the pebbles on the beach. When he was falling asleep I made this pattern on his leg.


Steenbeen | Stone Leg is printed on classic baryta photo paper and digital exposure. First developed in the year 1866, baryta paper is an absolute classic among photo papers. Shining white and intense black tones, ultra-fine brightness levels and sharp contours. Plus, it has the most longevity of any photographic paper.


I colored the stones with painted acrylic paper. The colors are random, without a preconceived plan.

Steenbeen | Stone Leg comes in 3 different color settings.



LightJet print on Baryta paper

collage with painted acrylic paper

signed and numbered on the back


Please contact me when you’re interested