Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

The Covid Blue Campaign

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the sky was an incredibly clear bottomless blue. I have taken pictures of it over and over again, of just this blue. A new color has arisen from this. I call it Covid-Blue.


And now there is the Covid Blue Campaign!

The Covid Blue Campaign consists of the following elements:


The Covid-Blue Journal

21×14 cm, soft cover, stapled

40 pages, included 17 dated covid blue sky pictures

80 gr Biotop / 160 gr Biotop (cover)

numbered limited edition: 50



The Covid Blue postcards

14,8×10,5 cm (A6)

2 different designs

€1 each


The Covid Blue poster

59,4×42 cm (A2), folded twice to A4

80 gr mat



The Complete Covid Blue Campaign

1x Covid Blue Journal, 2x postcards and 1x poster



Please contact me to order.

”And so I fell in love with a color – in this case, the color blue – as if falling under a spell, a spell I fought to stay under and to get out from under, in turns.”

Maggie Nelson – Bluets




concept + design: Gabrielle Kroese

printing: RCG Groningen

printing guidance: Peter Boersma





made possible by the Mondriaan Fund,

the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage