Gabrielle Kroese

Visual artist

Zonder Titel @ Campis

20 NOVEMBER 2022 – 6 JANUARY 2023


opening: 20 NOVEMBER 2022 | 13:30











The first year of CAMPIS will be concluded with a (sales) exhibition presenting 25 artists who were born in Assen or its surroundings or currently live/work in Drenthe. Together they form a representative reflection of what is currently happening in the region in the field of contemporary art.


The artists have been invited by CAMPIS to participate. Each of them is innovative in his or her own field. Throughout his or her career, moreover, a clear development can be seen, demonstrating an inquisitive, curious attitude.


The participants are between the ages of 25 and 80. Thus, the exhibition shows a picture of artists who are at the beginning of their careers to those who are already established. As a consequence, the familiar names ensure that the work of the newcomers is also highlighted.


Present in Assen
The exhibition ZONDER TITEL / WITHOUT TITLE is also a gift to the city of Assen and its residents. CAMPIS has asked the participating artists to supply three works, which the buyer can give as a gift in this festive month to someone he or she wishes to.


With the proceeds CAMPIS supports art projects, for example by offering a young artist or recent graduate a start-up grant or exhibition. From the stage that CAMPIS offers regional artists with this exhibition, another gift and stage for a young contemporary artist emerges. By which we strengthen and combine each other’s strengths.


Participating artists:

Rudy Lanjouw | Harry Cock | Wia van Dijk | Gabriëlle Kroese | Joop Striker | Betty Simonides | Gejan Stol | Gerrit ter Beek | Sake Elzinga | Henk Rusman | Peter Verboom | Flip Drukker | Guus Slauerhoff | Ria Penthum | Joost Post | Hieke Veenstra | Ruud Mast | Peter O Gerrits | Aran Striker | Juul Kraijer | Tobi van Ringen | Mirjam Kerstholt | Meno Vugteveen | Anne-Will Lufting | Rudie Hoegen


open: Wednesday – Sunday | 12:00 – 17:00


Campis | Kerkstraat 31 | Assen